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The choice of cremation is a very personal decision that requires a conception of death which is  closer to today's society than the classic inhumation.

If this is the expressed wish , with care and attention we will ensure that this ultimate wish is respected and we will carry it out any and everywhere.

The Cremation Ritual

Today cremation is also accepted by the Roman Catholic Church, provided that the ashes inside an urn are kept in a Cemetery . Whilst the choice of dispersion in nature, of keeping the urn in the house as if it were a decorative object, a painting or a jewelry box is not yet part of the Roman Catholic code of canon law

Cremation is an ancient rite that has its roots mostly in  eastern countries. In the West, however, inhumation or burial in the ground, has remained the most widely used burial method for many centuries.

Today, cremation is  accepted in that it respects the body of the deceased in the same way as burial.

Expressing your will to be cremated

Those who have chosen cremation have three possibilities in Italy to make this choice known:

  1. Draw up a will regularly registered by a notary;
  2. Enroll in a recognized pro-cremation association;
  3. Communicate the will to be cremated to the spouse or in their absence, the closest relative  up until the sixth grade of kinship

 Documents needed for cremation

To proceed with the cremation of a body, two things are necessary:

  1. Evidence of the deceased's will to be cremated
  2. A certificate from the Medical Examiner / Pathologist to show that death, caused by crime , is to be excluded

Obtaining the necessary documents for  cremation in Rome today is very simple, just contact Le Croci funeral home who will take care of gathering  the necessary documentation including the declaration of the spouse or heirs , the medical certificate, the death certificate and presenting them to the competent municipal offices where the death occured.

Regulations and cremation costs

Cremation is governed by national and regional laws and Municipality regulations. For this reason, there may be differences from one Municipality to another.  It is best to enquire in time by contacting Le Croci, funeral home at one of its offices in Rome - Flaminia, Rome - Cassia, Anguillara Sabazia and Formello.

Cremation is a public service by individual request for which a maximum ministerial tariff is established, but the price varies from one crematorium to another.

Le Croci, after carrying out the funeral, whether it be an economical or a luxury funeral, transports the body to be cremated at the Crematorium Temple of Civitavecchia. This crematorium in addition to guaranteeing very short waiting times, maintains that spirit of dignity, cleanliness and attentiveness that  is certainly not possible  in the  Rome cemetery .

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Dispersion of  ashes

After cremation, the ashes can be dispersed in nature, at sea, outdoors or in a specific  area  belonging to the municipality.

Le Croci funeral home is at your disposal anywhere in Rome and its province and anywhere else that is requested.


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