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What to do in the event of the death

At the moment of losing a loved one, we often do not know exactly what to do and how to behave and we risk paying our inexperience and make choices that we later regret.

Death at Home

Death within the home usually generates the most concern because it falls on the family who has to deal with bureaucratic issues firsthand.

The family of the deceased will have to take care of requesting the death certificate from the family doctor, where the immediate cause of death is certified.

Of particular importance is  the compilation of the Istat form which summarizes the details of the deceased person and the causes of death.

If the death occurred at night or on a public holiday, the family will often have to call the on call Emergency Doctor ( Guardia Medica)  It is good to know, however, that this doctor's assessment cannot replace that of the attending physician.

In the event that the family doctor is not available at the time of need, the staff of Le Croci Funeral Home can help you find a solution.

For this reason, it is important to call our funeral home as soon as possible.

Death within Hospital facilities

If death occurs in hospital or any other facility, the family will not have the burden of taking care of the above, it will be the hospital administration or the facility that will take care of everything.

The structure will take care of completing the certificate and the death report and  Le Croci will take care of  obtaining this documentation.

Our specialized staff will take care, within the legal time frame, to communicate the  registration  of death to the local health authorities and to the registry office of the Municipality where death occurred.

We will take care of this anywhere, at home, in a hospital and / or private clinic, offering our experience to ensure that the correct documents will be obtained.

Death in a public place

Different procedures are put into place if the death of the family member takes place in a public place: in this case, the intervention of the police and a pathologist (almost always contacted by the police themselves) will be required, who once they have finished their investigations and once authorization has been obtained from the Police Commissioner, they will transfer the deceased to the desired place with the help of the  funeral home 

Death Abroad

In the case that death occurs abroad and you want to bring your relative's body back to Italy. Once again we of Le Croci Funeral Home can help you.

In the event of death outside Italy, it is important for us to be notified immediately, whether it occurs day or night. Le Croci  has a native English speaker to receive requests from anywhere in the world.

The speed in contacting our Funeral Agency is necessary for us to have the opportunity to better prepare all the necessary documentation in such a way that the return home of the deceased takes place with the correct timing and in a dignified manner.

Where requested, we will take care of organizing the funeral, cremation and / or burial in the cemetery.

If  death occurs abroad,  please call the following numbers:

In Italian - 06 33 61 42 42 from abroad + 39 6 33 61 42 42

In English - 06 90 75 153 from abroad + 39 6 90 75 153

Death of a foreigner in Italy

In the event that a resident abroad dies in Italy and the family's desire is to take the body back to the country of residence ,  Le Croci Funeral Home will, take care of every detail, organize the return of the deceased and, where requested, also the organization of the funeral up until the burial.

The numbers to call in this case are:

In Italian - 06 33 61 42 42 | from abroad + 39 6 33 61 42 42

In English - 06 90 75 153 | from abroad + 39 6 90 75 153

Le Croci will be by your side to support you at this delicate time with experience, discretion and professionalism. At the request of the deceased's relatives, we can take care of all the tasks related to the death: from the declaration of death to the organization of the funeral and to post-death paperwork. We provide 24/7 continuous service, including weekends and holidays.

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