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Funeral Directors in Rome since 1969

The funeral company "Le Croci" was founded in Rome in 1969 by Lanfranco Petroselli with the intention, which later became reality, to create a company that was able to offer top quality and competitive funeral services, but at the same time employing serious and highly trained personnel.

Luciano Petroselli and Maurizio Gualerni have been running this funeral company for 50 years now and represent the third generation of the family. It has always been their desire  to be a unique company, unlike others, both in style and communication, capable of giving different responses to different people.

Today, Le Croci Funeral Home is a dynamic company that, with determination and perseverance  have come to be considered a point of reference and of excellence in their sector, maintaining high ethical standards, serving their clientele honestly, loyally and with passion.

The funeral company is focused on professional resources and for this reason it has its own personnel, available 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, specialized through professional updating courses for the various funeral services offered and in particular in Funeral cosmetology, Tanatoaesthetics.
(tanatoaesthetics  is a restorative art and is a combination of aesthetic treatments to preserve and cosmetically prepare the deceased)

Over the years Le Croci has consolidated an image of a high level company, and is recognized as an example of excellence in the care taken in funeral services, without causing an affect on the ratio quality-price

The main objective is to pay close attention to the needs and requests of families and to do this, Luciano Petroselli and Maurizio Gualerni are always ready to reinvent themselves. Our fleet of vehicles, materials and accessories  reflects our philosophy of always finding something innovative and prestigious.

To date, Le Croci operates throughout Rome and its province and wherever it is called  upon to assist, including international repatriation to and from Italy.

We offer a complete funeral service wherever death occurs, whether within a hospital, a nursing home or at home.  We deal with  bureaucratic procedures related to death and post death,  the organization of the funeral, the printing of death notices,  obituaries in all newspapers, the religious function, flower arrangements and thank you notes.  All  with a contant and discreet presence for the entire duration of the funeral service.

We have 4 offices in Rome located in various areas for you to contact,  Prima Porta, La Storta, Formello and Anguillara.

We carry out work in cemeteries , technical and administrative assistance for the purchase, design and construction of tombs, tombstones and chapels.

We also offer a funeral plan called "Futuro Oggi" this type of plan has existed for a long time all over the world but in Italy it has yet to catch on.

Le Croci Funeral Home have  been offering this innovative, simple and advantageous idea since 1994. Many people have already discovered this possibility and joined this type of plan after considering its considerable benefits.

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