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Funeral Directors in Rome since 1969

Luciano Petroselli
Luciano Petroselli e Maurizio Gualerni
Maurizio Gualerni

Luciano Petroselli and Maurizio Gualerni, have been leading this company for 50 years and represent the third generation of the family. Together they have participated in professional training courses, attending regular annual updates. Their wish has always been to be a unique company, unlike others, both in style and communication, capable of giving different responses to different people.

With determination and perseverance they have reached the point of being considered a point of reference and of excellence in their sector, maintaining high ethical standards, serving their clientele honestly, loyally and with passion. Le Croci has been present since 1969 in Rome, Viterbo and nationwide, specializing in offering both services with classic ceremonies and those of prestige. It offers a model of a modern funeral home, dynamic and sensitive to the different requirements of clients in a market of continuous evolution.

The company is concentrated on professional resources and for this reason it has personnel specialized in Funeral cosmetology (new for Italy).

Over the years it has consolidated the image of a high level company, in fact it is recognized as an example of excellence in the care taken in funeral services, without causing an affect on the ratio quality-price.

The Le Croci Style is apparent just by looking at the photos of our vehicles, materials and accessories all exclusive, personalized and belonging to us.

You can contact our funeral home and personnel by Freephone(Italy), email or contact form. We cover all of Rome and province and for anywhere you call us.

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