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Cremation of pets Rome and Province

Cremation of pets Rome and Province

The loss of a pet, causes  profound pain and sadness in their owners , due to the fact that not only are they faithful friends but they are an integral part of family life. Saying goodbye forever is really hard.

For this reason giving them a dignified funeral ceremony  becomes  a duty of obligation both  to celebrate happy memories spent together as well as repaying the unconditional love that they always showed us.

A funeral service to keep them with us always

Choosing to cremate our pet is the ideal way to keep the memory alive of our faithful friend and at the same time a way of respecting the environment,  avoiding disposing or abandoning them as simple waste.

What to do when your pet dies

One of our operators will always be available on our switchboard 24 hours a day so that no matter what time your pet dies we will be available to help you.

The collection service of the deceased pet’s body  is operational 7 days out of 7 from  9 am  to 7 pm.

At the moment of booking you will be given a time  when our personnel will intervene , which will always take place within 6 working hours.

It will be us  with our specialised personnel and certified vehicles who will arrange for the collection of the pets body at the veterinary surgery or place of death indicated by you.

We will also  be able to assist you with the first necessary formalities, including the death certificate drawn up by a veterinarian.

How does cremation  take place for a pet

The cremation, will take place within 7 days from when the pets body is left at the cremation site.

Our personnel will also make  a video recording, which will be given to you together with the individual cremation certificate, which will guarantee the authenticity and regularity  of the event.

Once the cremating process has finished the ashes will be deposited in a standard urn already included in the total cost.

It will be up to if you wish to choose  a different one ( for a fee ) amonst the many offered in our catalogue specifically reserved for animal urns , which our company makes available for its clients.

After this you will be contacted to arrange to collect the ashes at a place to be agreed upon together.

The following prices for the funeral service dedicated to pets includes : transport, collection and delivery, cremation, urn, video recording and death certificate.

Pet cremation rates

Body within 10 Kg
€ 750,00
Body within 25 Kg
€ 850,00
Body within 45 Kg
€ 950,00
Over 45 Kg
To be quoted

Supplements outside the G.R.A. (Rome's Ring Road)

Within 30 Km
€ 30,00
Within 50 Km
€ 50,00
Within 100 Km
€ 100,00

Please contact us for any further information.

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