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Low Cost Funeral Services Rome

Low Cost Funeral Services Rome
Low Cost Funeral Services with Le Croci Funeral Home

We choose transparency for our customers

Our funeral home over the years has consolidated a reputation of the highest level, and for this reason it is recognized as an example of excellence in the performance of funeral services throughout Rome and its province, without affecting the ratio of  quality / price .

Thanks to our competence, professionalism and honesty in carrying out our funeral services, whether you want a funeral with cremation,  with interment or a niche burial, we will meet your needs by always offering clear prices and no surprises for the carring out of low cost but dignified funerals.

What are the factors that determine the cost of a funeral in Rome?

It is not always clear what the costs incurred for a funeral amount to.

Depending on the funeral services requested or the type of burial,  funeral costs may vary considerably.

Le Croci Funeral Home has always been able to offer low cost funerals, but most importantly with a clear outline of prices without last minute surprises.

The main factors affecting the costs of a funeral can be summarized as follows:

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  • Choice of coffin;
  • Preparation, dressing and sanitization of the deceased;
  • Type of burial;
  • Destination and method of funeral transport.

Our funeral home, depending on the type of burial,  gives its customers clear and personalised offers, listing all that is included in the set price.

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Low Cost funerals in Rome with Cremation, Burial and Interment

Our funeral agency has several offices and organizes and carries out economical funerals in Rome and throughout the Province, offering quality funeral services, at the same time as paying attention to all those small details that make  a difference in paying tribute to our loved ones.

Our funeral agency carries out low cost  funerals in Rome and its province

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Funerals and Cremations 24h/24 and 365 days a year including all public holidays in Rome

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