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The burial of a body in Italy is allowed only within cemeteries, The only exception is cremation where the ashes may be dispersed in open air.

It is permitted in the ground ( interment) according to the Christian rite, entombment in a niche or in a private tomb for the exclusive use of the family.


Entombment can take place in a newly acquired niche or in a tomb or niche, already under concession. In this case it is valid both for the coffin  and for the cinerary urn.

In entombment the deceased is placed into two coffins one inside the other within  specially prepared niches.

The use of the niche , within a burial structure such as a mausoleum , is valid for thirty years. Whilst in the case of privately owned tomb areas for interment,  or within family chapels, etc., the land has a validity of sixty-five years.


In this case by burial we mean the interment of the body in the ground belonging to  the cemetery and not private.

The validity of this space is for no less nor more than 10 years. The burial, or interment in the ground  is possible only in some specifically dedicated areas in the cemeteries. It is possible to place both the coffin and the cinerary urn. The space occupied by the body is yours for ten years, after which it will be exhumated and  the place reassigned.

Le Croci funeral company is at your disposal throughout Rome and its province to assist you in choosing the type of burial you prefer for  your loved one who has passed away and helping you navigate Italian burial regulations.

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