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”White Star” Service

”White Star” Service
”White Star” Service
”White Star” Service
”White Star” Service

“White Star”is a service exclusive to us that no-one else can offer you. As you can see it is characterized by elegance combined with a sobriety so fine and delicate containing details of excellence that puts the deceased first and in the forefront for the celebration of his life.

Your Star

We at Le Croci combine with this service a gift, a unique memorial to commemorate the person lost.

We will name a star for the person deceased and the star chart will be delivered to you in a memorial gift pack containing :

Certificate with the name of the  memorial star

Accompanying card with personal message

Detailed revolving star chart so you can find your ‘Star’ in the night sky.

With the coordinates provided you can also use Google Sky to find your star

A Unique Star Page online that can be personalized with photos and videos and a guestbook where friends and family can dedicate a personal message and photos.

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