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Funeral Plan

Funeral Plan
Funeral Plan
Funeral Plan

An innovative idea of this company is the plan “Futuro Oggi” which is a pre-arranged funeral plan. It consists in taking out a plan with our company that guarantees the taking care of the funeral service respecting personal wishes as regarding religious beliefs, place of burial and eventual repatriation. All done with serenity, leaving your loved ones free from all problems whether they be financial or practical. It is for these reasons that the plan ‘Futuro Oggi’ was developed, a way to be able to programme and arrange your own funeral now, so as not to be a burden on others when the time comes.

Thinking today of ones demise is a gesture that should be seen as an act of love towards those we care for.

Those  who choose the plan ‘Futuro Oggi’ can count on the fact that every wish will be respected in minimum details.

We at Le Croci are available for any quotes or information regarding the plan.


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